Software download


The software libraries listed below are freely downloadable for reasearch and teaching purposes.
If you download any of these software packages, please send an e-mail to the author

HCGene an R package to support the hierarchical classification of genes (v. 1.0)

Clusterv an R package for cluster validation (v. 1.1)

Mosclust an R package for the discovery of significant structures in bio-molecular data (v. 1.0)

NEURObjects a set of C++ library classes for neural networks development (v. 2.04)

The following R packages are downloadable from the CRAN website:

  PerfMeas an R package implementing different performance measure for classification and ranking tasks (v. 1.1)

  NetPreProc an R package that implements preprocessing and normalization methods for network-structured data (v. 1.0)

  Bionetdata an R data package that includes several examples of chemical and biological data networks (v. 1.0)